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All of our puppies are Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles


Taylor 7 mo.jpg
Ruckus waterfall.JPG
Suncrest's TaylorMade, aka "Taylor"
                Mini - 16 ", 20 lbs 
Monarch's Sir Royal Ruckus at Suncrest
                          aka "Ruckus"
             Small Medium - 17" 27 lbs

Taylor and Ruckus welcomed seven puppies on May 25 th!
two girls and five boys.  These puppies will be mini to small medium.   You must be okay with either size to apply for this litter. 

  • Breeder
  •  Chism
  •  Schaad
  •  Froman
  •  Shawcross
  •  Ledyard



One Reservation open

Our "Ruckus" is proud papa to the litter below.  If you are interested I would be happy to put you ion touch with the mama's breeder.  Puppies will be large mini to small medium in size. Born April 10th.

ruckus and georgia.JPG
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