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We are a boutique breeder of ALAA Registered Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in Portland Oregon. This fun loving breed won us over with their joyful happy heart, intelligence, eagerness to please, and playful, comical nature. We choose to have only a few litters a year so that we can truly devote our love and attention to the puppies. Our breeding dogs are tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standards. We are careful to select mates for our girls from like minded breeders. We specialize in soft fleece, non-shedding coats and the mini to small medium size. We love this size as the dogs are big enough to enjoy adventures with and small enough to snuggle and cuddle. We believe that all dogs deserve to be loved, spoiled and pampered. We strive to place all of our puppies in homes where they will be treated like cherished family members.

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Lil Lovebugs LLC
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