All of our upcoming litters are full at this time.  We are not accepting new applications for adoption.

Loveable Labradoodles Red Hot Royce "Royce"
      Mini 14.5" at the shoulder, 15 lbs 





        Suncrest's Golden Essence " Goldie"

          Mini 16 " at the shoulder, 18 lbs 

We are pairing these two up again because they brought us the most darling litter of reds and apricots with their last mating. All of these puppies will be mini's.  We expect some to be solid color and some with white markings like Mama. This mating was in April with puppies arriving in June. 


  • Breeder

  • Gobaleza

  • Pounder

  • Johnson

  • Marquez

 Reservation list is Full 

        Suncrest's California Girl  "Cali"

          Mini 15" at the shoulder, 20 lbs 

             Hale's Heart of a Lion "Leo"
            Mini 14 " at the shoulder and 18lbs


  • Breeder

  • Breeder

  • Moresi

  • Meltzer

We are so excited about this beautiful paring that we are reserving two to keep in our breeding program.  Expecting reds, creams in solid or solid with white markings.  Pigment black or rose (like daddy).  Due date is August 10th.   This litter will be raised at our California location in San Diego.

Reservation list is full

Suncrest's Island Girl "Catalina"
Mini 16" at the shoulder, 18 lbs





Loveable Labradoodles Red Hot Royce "Royce"
      Mini 14.5" at the shoulder, 15 lbs 





Catalina and Royce will be paring up again to bring us another darling mini litter.  Due date is July 29th.  Expecting reds, apricots and possibly creams.  


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  • Heater

  • Gomez

  • Larsen

Reservation list is full 


  • Breeder

  • Andersen

  • Lusher

  • Bryant ​

  • Kim

Suncrest's First Bloom, aka " Ginger"                                     ALAA-060882  

Small medium - 18 " at the shoulder, 30 lbs





Ginger will be having her third and final litter with her handsome beau Tuck. Puppies will be 16 -18 " and 20 to 30 lbs in reds and apricot, some with white markings.  Due date Sept 2nd.

 Puppies can be either a mini or a small medium.
You need to be okay with either size to apply for this litter. - thank you.

             Bedrock’s Friar Tuck, aka "Tuck"     
           Mini - 16" at the shoulder, 20 lbs    






Reservation List is full 

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