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Current and Upcoming litters

Listed below are our current and upcoming litters.   We take a conservative number of reservations before that puppies are born.  Many times we have more puppies than our estimate.  So please let me know if you are interested in a litter that has been marked as full.  We will put you on a standby list and notify you when the puppies are born. Our puppies generally sell out before they are born so please do not hesistate if you are interested!!

Available now 
Small medium male 30 - 35 lbs

Mini male ~ 20-25 lbs 

Parents are Autumn and Bruno


            Micro boy ~10 lbs
Parents are Sweetpea and Twix 

Luna and Tike
Suncrest's Sister Moon, aka "Luna"
              Mini- 16", 20 lbs

Suncrest's Tiny Tot, aka " Tike"
    Micro-Mini, 11.75", 7.5 lbs


Luna's Puppies arrived on Novemeber 13th, all in shades of red and apricot   Most will be minis, 20 lbs and under and a couple may be micros like papa!!  

               Go home date is early January .

  • Reservations: 
  • Breeder 
  • Kelleher
  • Olson
  •  Pla
Three Reservations available
luna and tike.jpeg
Taylor 7 mo.jpg
Ruckus waterfall.JPG
         Suncrest's TaylorMade
                 aka "Taylor"
            Mini- 16", 20 lbs

Monarch's Sir Royal Ruckus at Suncrest 
                          aka "Ruckus"
              Small medium,  17" 27 lbs


Taylor and Ruckus have honeymooned and are expecting puppies January 24 th.  Go home will be mid March. These babies will be mini to small medium in size.  20 to 30 lbs  Expecting reds,, apricots and possibly parti colors.

  • Reservations:
  • Breeder 
  • Rus
  • Hendersen 
6 weeks.JPG
Four Reservations available
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