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Little rays of sunshine 

Autumn & Ruckus

Autumn in daisy's.jpg
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Suncrest's Fall For Me, aka "Autumn"  
                 Mini 16", 23 lbs

Monarch's Sir Royal Ruckus of Suncrest
        Small- medium  17.5 ", 28 lbs

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This will be a first litter for both Autumn and Ruckus.  We are expecting mini to small mediums puppies.  You must be okay with either size to apply for this litter.  There should be a lot of white markings on these puppies!    Due date is March 1 st  Puppies will go home mid May. 

One reservations left 

Bentley & Bruno

9 weeks.jpg
Bruno green grass.jpg

Bedrock's Classy Lil' Chassy of Suncrest, aka " Bentley"
                                   Mini- 16", 16lbs            

Monarch's 24 carat Magic of Suncrest, aka "Bruno"
                                       16.5", 24 lbs

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Bentley and Bruno are teaming up again to give us some beautiful mini babies.  Adult weights are estimated to be 16 to 25 lbs  Bentley is expected to have her heat cycle in Feb.  That would mean puppies in April/May and go home date in June/July.  Below is a picture of their previous litter. 

four reservations left 

6 weeks Bentley and Bruno.JPG

Posy & Mr. Right

Pretty Poay.jpg
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Suncrest's Sitting Pretty, aka " Posy"
                  Mini- 14.5 ", 14 lbs


This tiny little lady is due for her heat cycle in February.
Puppies estimated to be born April/May and go home date June/July.  We are still deciding on Mr. mini  Right.  
  Below is a picture of her previous litter. 

Two reservations left 

Posy and Bruno .jpg
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