What size Labradoodle is right for you ?

Labradoodle sizes are classified by their height at the shoulder. Weight does not determine size.

    Miniature "Mini": 14" to under 17" at the                   shoulder, generally 15 to 25 lbs              

     Medium: 17" to 20" at the shoulder,

     generally 25 to 45 lbs.

     Standard: over 21" to 24" at the shoulder,               generally 45 to 65 lbs.

Suncrest Labradoodles specializes in the Mini to Small Medium sizes.


labradoodle size diagram[1].jpg
Wala Labradoodles size.jpg
Coat Colors
Black Pigment
Black Pigment
Rose or Liver Pigment
Coat Patterns 
Goldie 1.jpg
Solid color with White Markings- can be on the head, chest, and paws.
Parti - White coat with  random colored markings
 Suncrest Labradoodles specializes in Solids and Solids with White Markings. 
Ocassionally we produce parti-color.