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What size Labradoodle is right for you ?

Labradoodle sizes are classified by their height at the shoulder. Weight does not determine size.


  • Miniature "Mini": 14" to under 17" at the shoulder, generally 15 to 25 lbs              


  • Medium: 17" to 20" at the shoulder, generally 25 to 45 lbs.

  • Standard: over 21" to 24" at the shoulder, generally 45 to 65 lbs.

  • Suncrest Labradoodles specializes in the Mini to Small Medium sizes.

labradoodle size diagram[1].jpg
Wala Labradoodles size.jpg
Coat Colors
Black Pigment
colors 1.PNG
colors 5.PNG
Rose or Liver Pigment
Colors 3.PNG
colors 4.PNG
Coat Patterns 
baby 14.JPG
Goldie 1.jpg
Solid color with White Markings- can be on the head, chest, and paws.
Parti - White coat with  random colored markings
Suncrest Labradoodles specializes in Solids and Solids with White Markings. Occasionally we produce parti-color.
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