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Shopping for Puppy

BestPet Black 40 Heavy Duty Pet Playpen.

You will need a safe place to put your puppy anytime that you can not watch him.

Playpens keep puppy out of harms way and help with potty training. Shown are popular examples.  An eight panel pen is recommended so that your puppy will have plenty of room as he grows. 



Your Puppy needs a safe place to sleep at night, at least until he is full grown. Adult dogs like to use their crate as a "retreat" where they can feel protected and rest.  

Be sure to purchase a crate that will be big enough for your dog when full grown.  He should be able to stand up and turn around with ease. 
Crate size suggestion for an adult   Mini:  21" H x 19" W x 30 L.
Small medium:  25" H x 23" W x 36" L



                 CRATE PADS

These beds are favorites among our doodles.  They are soft, cozy and hold up well in the washer.




A thorough brushing is needed at least weekly to prevent matting.

Chris Christensen 16mm Pins T-Brush, Min

Chris Christensen 16mm Pins T-Brush 


THE STUFF- Best coat  conditioner and detangler

THE STUFF- Best coat  conditioner and detangler


Andis Pet Steel Comb


Syptic Powder - You will want this on hand to stop bleeding in case you cut the quick while grooming nails.

Scardey Cut Safety Scissors. You will want these to keep the hair out of your dogs eyes between grooming. 

Scaredy Cut.jpg

Floppy-eared dogs can trap moisture in their ears.

This is a great environment for bacteria and yeast to grow.
Clean ears at least with each groom.for prevention.




Your Puppy has been eating

      FROMM GOLD Puppy.   

This is quality nutrition at a great price. Please do not buy Large Breed, it will have too much calcium for a Mini to Small Medium Labradoodle.

Fromm can  be found in higher end pet food stores such as

Mud Bay.  Amazon also carries it or you can click the link below to find a retailer.


Why we love it:

  • High-quality ingredients with a modest price.

  • Every ingredient list begins with meat. 

  • The FROMM line includes several formulas with grains included. The FDA warns against grain-free diets for dogs.  Grain-free is thought to contribute to heart disease.  Be sure to ask at the store which formulas have grain included.  

  • There are a vast array of flavors to switch back and forth from to provide variety.

  • This company prides itself on freshness.


Take advantage of the time while waiting for your Puppy to come home by learning how to care for him/her ahead of time.  The following books are highly recommeded reading. 

Potty Training Book.jpg


This is a must have Pamplet!
It is a quick, easy read, less than 4 dollars and is packed full of useful information.  We highly encourage everyone to order this ! 



The Puppy Primer is a humorous and user friendly guide to helping your puppy develop into a polite, happy and well mannered dog.  It's teaches humane and effective ways to start your puppy out on the "right paw".  ;)

If you have extra reading time, How to Behave So That Your Dog Behaves is another good choice.  



Raising Puppies & Kids Together is a parents guide to creating a positive and safe environment for both the puppy and the child. 

A Kids' Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog is a fun, interactive book for the whole family to help everyone understand canine communication.

Children book speaking dog.PNG
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